Wood Stoves- Where Safety Comes First

Wood Stoves- Where Safety Comes First

No matter how useful wood stoves are, it is really crucial to follow some safety measures. There are few important points that one needs to keep in mind while installing and using a wood stove at home, have a peek below;

  • Cleaning Of Chimney

One of the most important things to consider is to clean your stove chimney properly. Although for most of us it is the most neglected point, however, one should not ignore it at any cost. It is recommended that each year before you restart your best wood stove, clean the chimney and inspect if any repair or maintenance is needed.

  • Use of Magnetic Thermometers

Secondly, you must use a magnetic thermometer in order to ensure fireplace safety. Basically, a thermometer is aligned to the outer surface of the chimney wall that is metallic. It then helps you determine the temperature the stove is producing by showing the degrees on the thermometer. If your wood is burning between 100 to 250 degrees it will create a lot of creosote. The optimum temperature should be between 250 to 450 degrees. If the temperature is higher than 450 degrees it may cause chimney fire and may be dangerous.

  • Keep Flammable Materials Away

This is very important to note that you should not keep any material or stuff that catches fire near the best wood stove. Anything that can get too hot will ignite and cause a fire.

  • Fire Extinguisher

It is highly recommended that you must keep a fire extinguisher near the best wood stove for any emergency. On the other hand, you must also install safety devices that can either be smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarms. These will help you ensure maximum safety for your home and kids.

Last but not least, make sure your children are well informed about the fireplace and its safety.

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