Many people do something to save monthly expenses. Starting from making a budget to buying goods in large quantities (monthly shopping).

For those who shop for household needs at the supermarket, of course, they must have the right financial management strategy.

The following tips to save your monthly shopping expenses are quoted from

Make a Shopping List

Even though it looks old-fashioned, the shopping list is a powerful weapon to put the brakes on monthly expenses that are not really needed. So that you can focus more on buying goods according to your needs and shopping list.

Avoid Shopping Using a Debit Card

Shopping using a debit card raises the feeling of having money in mind. In order not to run out of money at the end of the month, you should avoid debit card swipe activities.

It would be better if you always carry cash in the wallet. Limit debit card usage only if it’s really necessary, even though there’s a special shopping discount

Avoid Minimarkets at the End of the Month

When you want to go to the minimarket, you only aim to buy drinks. However, finally tempted to also want to buy snacks and a new variant of facial cleanser. Not infrequently, items displayed on the mini market rack are tempting. In fact, your intention is to save money.

In order for this kind of temptation not to come again, as much as possible avoid visiting the minimarket for financial security, especially at the end of the month. Except, if you really want to buy urgent needs, such as basic needs.

Save the Monthly Shopping receipt

This simple way makes you really know how much money you still have. This can also help compare expenses each month.

So from now on, make it a habit to keep a monthly shopping receipt, then enter all expenses in the notes. This does not only apply to offline shopping activities but also applies to online shopping.

Adjust Shopping Intensity

Shopping with a large nominal at the beginning of the month is often done by many people. That’s fine, but this also often makes the bag drain at the beginning of the month, especially for mediocre earners.

Not until the middle of the month, money has gone out somewhere. Therefore, start to set the intensity of shopping from now on.

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