Some of the logical proofs about the existence of God

Some of the logical proofs about the existence of God

Is God real? That’s a possible question arising in the mind of some people especially those whose area of research is less than their question.

How about DNA?

Let’s begin with DNA found in human cells. The DNA closely matches with a complex computer programming. Is God real? It’s such a question many people seem to have been asking since this world has come into existence. Humans are the only creature full of curiosity and packed with the desire of fact-finding ability.

On this planet earth, we can observe a permanent system of cleanliness which reuses and recycles water, sustaining all living things on the Earth. The planets with no water have no signs of life.

Well, every computer programming is designed from a chain of zeros and ones known as binary codes. Being human beings, people simply depend on what they are just able to recognize, normally by means of their physical senses. So, the order and the sequence of computer codes are what makes your computer function in a proper way.

All living things are able to speak, smell, see, touch, and hear. You can touch your friend to know they are real, for example. Hence, it cannot be declared as the ultimate scrutiny for motivation. Is God real? How was God not able to act out his real role in this intricate but astonishing course of action?


Have you ever compared computer programming and DNA codes? Do this and you won’t be able to stop yourself to say that God does exist. People you can’t meet do not indicate that they do not exist. Look, you are sure there’s a person out there you are never going to meet such as a person living abroad. You are not going to meet them ever, but you can see something they send you.

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