Shopping for a one-piece bathing suit is a bit different than shopping for a two-piece. You have to find the right size that will fit not only the top part of your body but the lower part as well. This can sometimes make it hard finding just the right one piece swimwear if you are larger on the top half of your body compared to the lower half or vice versa. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you get a bathing suit to wear for the summer that’s flattering and comfortable.

Many women think that they need a skimpy two-piece to wear on the beach to attract attention. That’s not always true. You can find one-piece suits that are beautiful and that look similar to a two-piece with cutouts on the sides. A one-piece suit covers more of your body, which is a benefit if you’re modest or if there are just areas of your body you want to cover. If you find the right one-piece, then it will highlight all of the areas of your body that you want to showcase while providing the coverage that you desire so that you can enjoy being on the beach and in the pool.

Think about the overall shape of your body. If there are areas that you know that you’re self-conscious about, then these are the areas that you want to cover up with the bathing suit that you get.

A pear shape features buttocks, hips, and thighs that are a bit more prominent than other areas of your body. The bathing suit that you get should have more details on the upper half of your body instead of on the lower half as you want to draw attention away from your thighs and buttocks. If your shoulders are prominent, then you might want to get a suit that has wider straps and that has a few more details around your hips.

If your body shape looks like an apple with a larger chest and midsection, you need to get a swimsuit that will draw the eye to the lower half instead of focusing on your chest and abdomen as much. However, if you want to feel good in a bathing suit that highlights your chest, you should look for something that provides the proper support. If you don’t have a defined waistline, consider getting a suit that has a few ruffles or fun details so that people pay attention to this area of your body. An hourglass shape is what many women want to have as the top and bottom are proportionate. You can usually get away with wearing any kind of bathing suit. It will be up to you to decide on which features you want to accent and which ones you might want to cover up a little more.

A suit with a V-neck tends to make your neck appear longer. It can also draw attention to your chest. This is an option to consider if you have a short abdomen. Look at all of the details of the bathing suits that you’re interested in getting. Sometimes, plain suits are the best options so that you can work with the accessories that you can add instead of focusing as much on the suit. If you’re short, then you might find that wearing a one-piece can be uncomfortable because of the way that it fits around your hips and buttocks. High cuts can make your legs look longer if you want to add height. If you want to highlight your tan, then consider brighter colors while darker colors will sometimes make you appear pale.

Accenting Your Body